Download and License Overview for
AdminStudio 2016 and Later

For instructions on accessing the Flexera Product and License Center, see Accessing the Flexera Product and License Center.

The AdminStudio installations are available in the Flexera Product and License Center. This center lets you download the installations, and perform other AdminStudio-related tasks.

Downloading AdminStudio, Add-Ons, Service Packs, and Other Installations

The following installations are available for download from the Flexera Product and License Center:

  • AdminStudio
  • Add-ons (if you are entitled to them) such as the Standalone Repackager and the Standalone QualityMonitor
  • FlexNet Licensing server software (if you purchased self-hosted licenses and you need to set up your organization's licensing server)
  • AdminStudio service packs (if available)

To download any of the installations:

  1. Sign in to the Flexera Product and License Center.
  2. In the left navigation, under Entitlements, click Product List.
  3. The Product List page shows all of the product lines to which your account is entitled. If you do not have access to multiple products, clicking the Product List link opens the Product Information page directly.

  4. If the Product List page shows multiple products, click the AdminStudio link. The Product Information page opens.
  5. In the Product and File Downloads column, click the AdminStudio link for the version that you want to download. The Product Download page opens.
  6. Click the appropriate download button.

Licensing AdminStudio

Note: If you are not using AdminStudio 2014 or later, but you are using an earlier version of AdminStudio, refer to the appropriate version of AdminStudio instructions that are posted at the following site:
Instructions for Flexera Product Downloads and Licensing

The following table explains how to set up the licensing for the type of license that you purchased.

License Type Description of License Type Instructions
Node-locked license of AdminStudio This type is tied to a specific user and machine. A node-locked license requires a product activation code to activate the product. This model is the traditional option. To activate the product:
Launch the product that you want to activate. The activation wizard opens. Use this wizard to enter your activation code.
Self-hosted license of AdminStudio This type is tied to a specific user and machine. A self-hosted license for AdminStudio requires a Flexera–generated license file for the machine on which you install AdminStudio. To obtain and set up a self-hosted license of the product:
See "Setting up License Files for Self-Hosted Licenses of AdminStudio" on page 8 of the Flexera Product Download and License Guide for AdminStudio 2018 (PDF).
Concurrent license of AdminStudio (Service Providers only)

This type enables sharing or floating of licenses among a maximum number of simultaneous users. The product on each user's machine must be connected to a license server that your organization sets up. This license type requires you to activate the licenses on the license server using an activation code, which is available through the Flexera Product and License Center.

The license server software enables users to borrow a license for AdminStudio from the license server for a specified number of days. Using a borrowed license enables you to use the product while being disconnected from the same network as the license server.

Important Note: AdminStudio concurrent licenses are available for Service Providers only.

To set up the license server:
See Setting Up Your License Server for Concurrent Licenses of AdminStudio 2016 and Later.

To connect a machine that has the product to the license server:
See Connecting Machines to Your License Server for AdminStudio 2016 and Later.

To learn how to borrow a license of AdminStudio:
See Borrowing AdminStudio Licenses from the License Server.