Jakarta Ant 1.4.1 Merge Module Read Me
Zero G Software, Inc.
May 2002

This folder contains:

Merge Module: Jakarta Ant 1.4.1

Description: This Merge Module contains the Ant 1.4.1, and can be used as a Design Time  Merge Module.   Please refer to the User Guide for detailed information on Merge Modules.  For more information on Ant, please see the Ant home page @ http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/index.html.

Default Actions:


      -    Get User Input Panel:  This panel asks the user if a JDK is installed on the target system.

-         Choose Folder Panel:  If the user responds “yes” to the above Get User Input Panel, this panel will allow the end-user to specify the JDK home directory on the target system.  This variable will only be set if the environment variable JAVA_HOME does not exist.



-         Modify Text File – Multiple Files:  This action modifies all files that reside in the bin directory that contain file extensions .sh or .bat.  This will ensure that all text files will have the      correct line endings on each platform.


-         Set System Environment Variable:

JAVA_HOME = Path to JDK specified by end-user.  This variable will only be set if JAVA_HOME does not exist.

ANT_HOME = $USER_INSTALL_DIR$$/$jakarta-ant-1.4.1 

PATH = Appends $JAVA_HOME$$/$bin to the system PATH.

PATH = Appends $ANT_HOME$$/$bin to the system PATH.





Default Advertised Variables: