Jakarta Ant 1.5.1 Merge Module Read Me
Zero G Software, Inc.
February 2003

This folder contains:

Merge Module: Jakarta Ant 1.5.1

Description: This Merge Module contains the Ant 1.5.1, and can be used as a Design Time  Merge Module.   Please refer to the User Guide for detailed information on Merge Modules.  For more information on Ant, please see the Ant home page @ http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/index.html.

Default Actions:


      -    Get User Input Panel:  This panel asks the user if a JDK is installed on the target system.

-         Choose Folder Panel:  If the user responds “yes” to the above Get User Input Panel, this panel will allow the end-user to specify the JDK home directory on the target system.  This variable will only be set if the environment variable JAVA_HOME does not exist.



-         Modify Text File – Multiple Files:  This action modifies all files that reside in the bin directory.  This will ensure that all text files will have the      correct line endings on each platform.


-         Set System Environment Variable:

JAVA_HOME = Path to JDK specified by end-user.  This variable will only be set if JAVA_HOME does not exist.

ANT_HOME = $USER_INSTALL_DIR$$/$jakarta-ant-1.5.1 

PATH = Appends $JAVA_HOME$$/$bin to the system PATH.

PATH = Appends $ANT_HOME$$/$bin to the system PATH.





Default Advertised Variables: