BDNA Joins Flexera

The game is changing. Software buyers and suppliers alike agree… it’s about time.

For too long, the $350B software industry that powers nearly every company on the planet has suffered from a dysfunctional supply chain. Dysfunction that every year introduces tens of billions in waste, inefficiency and risk into every company, government and household in the world.

Every day, executives across IT, procurement, security, finance and more are trying to manage their software and technology assets to maximize value and minimize risk. It hasn’t been easy.

It’s critical to be faster, informed, in control, unified, connected and most of all, business ready.

What’s needed?

A single source of the truth. We’re talking data. Trusted and transparent. Available and actionable.

At Flexera, we’re reimagining the way software is bought, sold, managed and secured.

Flexera + BDNA have built the largest and most comprehensive repository of market intelligence on technology assets on the planet. We connect decision makers to the systems and information they need by enabling a common data language and view across their business.

The world’s largest repository of software and hardware asset, vulnerability, and open source data platform will unite the software industry and strengthen the supply chain everyone depends upon.

It’s about time.

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About Us

Flexera is reimagining the way software is bought, sold, managed and secured. We view the software industry as a supply chain, and make the business of buying and selling software more transparent, secure, and effective.

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