SaaS Spend Management and Optimization. Finally Tackle All That Waste and Risk.

Flexera Acquires Meta SaaS – Now Offering the Most Advanced SaaS Spend Management Capabilities on the Market

SaaS is awesome, but it’s also been a pain to manage. No more. Flexera’s just acquired Meta SaaS, developer of the most comprehensive solution in the industry for optimizing SaaS spend and reducing risk . Flexera now dwarfs all other Software Asset Management (SAM) suppliers in SaaS spend management depth and breadth.

Customers can now leverage the Flexera SaaS Manager to identify and provide visibility to more than 32,000 SaaS applications and intelligently manage contract renewals through proactively generated, easy-to-read reports. In addition, Flexera enables customers to monitor license utilization for more than 6,200 of those SaaS applications and offers full integrations with more than 250 of the most popular SaaS apps.

Optimize and Reduce Your SaaS Spend

Because of SaaS’ relatively low overhead and up-front costs, it’s easy to buy and easy to deploy. Because it’s designed to proliferate inside organizations, companies end up paying for hundreds of SaaS subscriptions – up to a third of which never are actually used. So, SaaS costs spin out of control.

Flexera SaaS Manager provides broad and comprehensive visibility into when and how users interact with the most critical SaaS products on the market. It also provides insight into where waste is occurring and can be eliminated.

Shining a Light on Shadow SaaS

Flexera SaaS Manager securely and directly connects with expense, accounting, and payment systems to identify and consolidate all SaaS apps in use into a single dashboard – shining a light on Shadow SaaS. Once organizations know what SaaS apps they’re running, they can take the next steps of optimizing, managing and securing them .

Flexera SaaS Manager in Action

Recently, Flexera SaaS Manager discovered over $10 million in unauthorized SaaS applications for a telecommunications company. Our enhanced integrations allow customers to go beyond just counting logins and begin to understand real ROI and the true impact of SaaS application usage for popular SaaS apps like Salesforce®, Microsoft® Office 365®, Slack™ and Box®, to name a few.

Reducing the Risk of the Security Blind Spot

The security blind spot occurs when a SaaS application is out of sync with the HR system. Flexera SaaS Manager can connect the HR records to SaaS vendor records, producing intelligent, accurate checklists identifying exactly what each employee truly has access to. And organizations can reduce regulatory compliance risk, such as GDPR , which requires them to understand which systems contain personally identifiable data, and who has access.

Even Better, Flexera is the Global SAM Leader

We’re proud that Gartner designated Flexera a SAM market leader in its 2018 Magic Quadrant for Software Asset Management Tools report . Flexera scored highest among all SAM Vendors in the Intermediate SAM and Advanced SAM use cases, in Gartner’s recently published Critical Capabilities for Software Asset Management tools report. And best yet, our customers rank us high on Gartner’s Peer Review.


The number of SaaS apps in use is skyrocketing.

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