Flexera Acquires Secunia

Enabling IT as a Service While Enhancing Application Readiness & Enterprise License Optimization

Flexera and Secunia

Cybercriminals routinely use vulnerabilities in software as gateways to exploit corporate networks. 60% of attacks in recent years were performed by commercialized exploit toolkits, sold in the underground, allowing anyone to become a cybercriminal. Over 65% of the top threats use vulnerabilities to infect machines and perform malicious activities.

Secunia products enable enterprises to perform Software Vulnerability Management, to reduce application cybersecurity risks, by:

  1. Identifying application vulnerability risks
  2. Prioritizing them for that specific organization
  3. Addressing them, primarily through security patches

Secunia products are:

  • Vulnerability Intelligence Manager — delivers IT security teams verified, accurate and comprehensive intelligence from Secunia Research with workflow management, alerts and reporting
  • Corporate Software Inspector — provides IT operations teams multi-platform assessment of software vulnerabilities and cost-effective patch creation and deployment to reduce enterprise software security risks

Secunia products and research extend our leadership in providing enterprises strategic solutions to manage application usage across the software lifecycle. In addition to providing great value on their own, we see strong synergies with our existing Software License Optimization and Application Readiness solutions where the combined solutions will transform software asset management practices.

  • Software license reclamation processes driven by FlexNet Manager Suite can utilize vulnerability data from Secunia products for prioritization. Likewise, security patching processes managed by Secunia products can leverage application usage and entitlement data from FlexNet Manager Suite for prioritization.
  • Application assessment and packaging from AdminStudio Suite can identify vulnerabilities and apply security patches via Secunia products for all new apps. And, newly identified patches from Secunia products can move through a standard app testing and packaging process with AdminStudio before distribution.