Flexera and BMC

Asset Management to License Optimization

BMC TAP Premier PartnerSoftware license agreements and license models are highly complex. It’s difficult to control costs and derive maximum business value while trying to maintain compliance with licensing terms. Enterprises are frequently out of compliance for some vendors and over-subscribed for others. BMC’s Discovery, Atrium and Remedy software provides an excellent framework for implementing a software asset management (SAM) program, but achieving a high-level of Software License Optimization maturity requires more:

  • Automated and Accurate Application Recognition
  • Continuous License Compliance to Reduce Software Audit Risk and Avoid Unbudgeted True-up Expenses
  • Efficient Management of Software Contracts and Maintenance Renewals
  • Optimization of License Consumption to Reduce Ongoing Software Spend
  • Full Software Lifecycle Management
  • Insight that allows Vendor and Application Consolidation

Flexera’s License Optimization Solutions Enhance ITSM Processes

By providing license management data to BMC, FlexNet Manager Suite enhances a number of ITSM processes, including: Capacity, Change, Configuration, Problem, Performance, and Request Management. Here are a few of the use cases where the data adds value to ITSM functions:

  • Facilitate the creation a software product catalog by making a normalized list of software titles available to the CMDB
  • Enhance Change Management by identifying the machines that are candidates for update when new versions of desktop or server software are released
  • Support software Request Management by indicating whether the enterprise has a license available to fulfill that request
  • Support Capacity/Demand Management by enabling IT to determine the impact on license position of adding or virtualizing servers, or adding processors to a server (‘What If’ Analysis)

Combining the benefits of BMC with Flexera’s FlexNet Manager® Suite provides a complete IT Service Catalog, Software Asset Management and License Optimization solution that allows customers to improve operational efficiency, increase end-user satisfaction, minimize license compliance risk and reduce costs.

Together, Flexera’s FlexNet Manager Suite and BMC’s asset management portfolio addresses and optimizes all aspects of software, hardware and network resource ownership, and streamlines IT operations.

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